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Investor vs Owner Occupant

Understanding the different types of cash buyers can help you chose
which option is the best for you and your situation.  

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Cash Buyers.....What's the difference


Institutional buyers or buying groups, called iBuyers, are companies who work in specific markets and buy homes for all cash across the nation. Local investors are usually found through similar ads asking to purchase your home with a quick close and all cash.  These type of buyers can be very valuable in certain situations. There are significant advantages  to working with these types of cash buyers. 

Owner Occupant

Occupant owned cash buyers are out there in record numbers. Because of the shortage in available homes for sale, buyers are utilizing other resources they wouldn't normally tap into. By offering cash, these buyers are trying to make their offer stand out above the rest. Look for a professional to help. When your home is exposed to the most amount of people, competition will drive the price.  

Know Your Numbers

If you are thinking of selling your home, make sure you know the true market value. What seems like a great cash offer, might not be one at all. Homes are selling at record pace so talk with a professional who can give you all options even if you need to sell quickly. Get a free Cost Market Analysis (CMA) that compares your home with other recently closed properties in your area. 

Are you a Seller looking to....

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Find a great Realtor who will get top dollar for your home?

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Get the true market value of my home?

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Sell quickly for financial reasons?

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Submit my home for a cash offer?

If your Answer to any of these questions is YES, then lets talk and I will show you how I can help.
As always there is never any obligation. 

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  • Quick Close

  • No Appraisal 

  • Less Risk

  • Less Stress

  • Sold as-is

  • Ability to Move Quickly on a Purchase

  • Reduces Holding Cost


  • Offers Below Market Value 

There are many reasons why selling to an ibuyer or investor could prove to be the best option. Some sellers might want to avoid showing traffic through their home.  Others might have financial concerns, experienced an unexpected life event, or don't have the ability to make critical needed repairs to the property.  Whatever your reason, an investor could be the solution. Keep in mind that these type of buyers will look to make a profit when they resell the home. Expect these cash offers to be moderately to substantially below the market value of the home.  

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Highest and Best

Highest and best is a common term heard in real estate these days. Because of the lack of homes on the market, multiple offers to purchase a home have become the norm rather than the exception. Competition is fierce and buyers are doing everything they can to get their offer to the top of the stack. Some are taping into retirement accounts, others are getting help from family members. I have seen more cash offers in the last year than I did in the last 10 previous years combined.  These buyers aren't necessarily using these cash funds to get a better deal, they are using them to get, the deal. 

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Competition Drives Price! Listing your home on the open market will get you the most for your home. 

Most buyers who are financing the purchase of a home are already working with a lender and are preapproved. Anticipate up to 30-45 days to close. If you have the time, it has been my experience these buyers are making extremely strong offers. Often at the top of their buying capability to compete with others that could be cash. Know your NetOut numbers on each offer you receive so you do not leave money on the table. It could cost you thousands if you are not careful. 


Yes homes are selling quickly but if you could get multiple offers, then you will get the best terms and highest price. 

See how I get my clients the most money for their home!

Cost Market Analysis 

Most people when considering the sale of their home, start looking for ways to estimate it's value. Online estimates or requesting a cash offer

are not the best way to get it's true market value.

A Cost Market Analysis or CMA is a very detailed comparison of your home to others that have sold in the area. The comparison includes items such as recent updates, square footage, age, number of bedrooms and living spaces, number of garages, type of cooling systems, location, lot size, and market conditions all factor in to the equation.  Usually online estimates give a value based the price per square foot only. 


Knowing the true market value of your home is vital to insure that you will make the most money on your home when it sells.

Want to know the true market value of your home?

Request your Free No Obligation CMA!

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