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Thinking of Selling Your Home?

You don't know what you don't know...let's change that!

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Realtor or No Realtor: that is the question.

Yes, I want to sell...but then what?

Preparing your home in 7 steps. 

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Positives and Negatives
Let's look at the NetOut

SURPISE! Who used a Realtor? 

Then what Vid 2-5.jpg

When you're the Buyer
How things work in your favor
Finally Answering the question


Why it's still important
It's easier than you think 
Do a little, get a lot 

Get the numbers and see if it's the right time to sell your home. 

Should we take the first offer?


Should I disclose that?


Are Home Sellers Going Extinct?

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It's a great offer...or is it?
Know the market
Slow down the process

Your exposure as a Seller
How would they find out?
If you were in their shoes

What's the Market doing?
Opportunity knocks
Time to cash in big!

It's a sellers market, but is it the right time for me ?  Let's find out. 

What is an offer Escalation Clause?

Selling to an iBuyer?

Cost Market Analysis?


How does it escalate the price?
Potentially competing clauses
Things to consider

Closing in days not weeks
How does it work?
Will I get the most from my home?

Don't make a move with out one
Know the true value of your home
Online estimators can be way off


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