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Sell A Home

Choosing the right person to represent you can have a directly impact on the amount you take home from the sale of your home.  So before you decide, make sure you know their...

  • Experience
  • Track Record
  • Marketing Plan
  • Negotiation Strategy

I would love to talk and share with you how I can help you get the most for your home.  

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Sold List

Have you ever wondered what other homes in you neighborhood have sold for? Request the Sold List and receive all homes in a 1/2 mile radius and how much they sold for. It's a fun way to see what homes are selling for in you specific neighborhood. 

Marketing Plan

Nationally the housing market is shifting towards buyers and we are typically not far behind national trends. As our local real estate market shifts, it becomes vital that you know how your home will be marketed to maximize your net profit when selling your home. Receive a copy of my detailed marketing plan.  

Marketing Plan

The Plan will be sent shortly.

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What's my house worth?

Want to know what the current value of your home is if you were to sell it today? Get a FREE professionally prepared Cost Market Analysis for your home.


This is not a computer generated analysis that you typically find online. This analysis is prepared by a real estate professional and is the most accurate value of your home without seeing the property in person. 

Cost Market Analysis

Preparing your CMA now!

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Todd Sloan 

Realty ONE Group Concierge 

100 Sun Ave NE Suite 150

Albuquerque NM 87109 


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